We have moved to Kimberly, Idaho! I will start taking new clients in the surrounding areas starting in May 2014. Please contact me to schedule a shoot.
Jolene Reed|Photographer

Session Info

I am an all on-location photographer and only use natural light.  That means I depend on the sun and will only shoot when the sun is at it's best, mornings or evenings.  I might ask you to wake up at the crack of dawn but I promise that it's worth it!

I'll help you select your location based on the look you're after.  I love hunting down new and unique locations and feel that it's something special that I can offer you.  I try not to shoot at the same location over and over, I feel that is one of the best things I can offer you as a custom photographer.  You definitely won't have the same looking images on your wall as your neighbors!

Once the date and location are set the rest is easy, you show up looking as fabulous as ever and we just have fun!  No pressure, just be yourself!
Your pictures will be ready with in 2-3 weeks.  I will give you a CD with 10 (often more)  fully edited images.  You are welcome to print though me or print on your own.
What to wear

Clothing is very important in a photograph. I recommend wearing layers as much as possible to add interest and texture.  I also recommend clothing with texture, such as chunky sweaters, clothing with ruffles, buttons, ribbon, embroidery, anything that has a depth to it.

Feel free to bring a couple changes of clothing to the session, if your children/family is up for it we can change as many times as you like. Accessories are my favorite accent to a photograph.  Hats, scarves, fun necklaces, funky boots, tights, etc. really can make a photograph more interesting.

Also, choosing clothing for a family session can be really stressful (believe me I know, I go through it every year!).  Try picking a few colors and sticking to them for the entire family.  Dark jeans are always a good choice and you can pair it with coordinating colors.  Sometimes matching too much can look cheesy, so try to keep each person a little unique but staying within the color scheme.

Clothing store Suggestions

Children's Place
Old Navy
Baby Clementine
Don't forget to look on line, I love Etsy!!

Senior Sessions

Senior sessions are always fun and full of energy.  I always tell my seniors to come with an open mind and a fun attitude, and of course a lot of cloths.  Usually senior sessions last about 1 hour to 1.5 hours.  This is usually enough time to have 3 looks.  So bring a bag of clothing and I will help you style your session.  Some clothing is nice, but may not photograph well.

Bring clothing that fits your personality and that you feel comfortable in.  I recommend layering clothing to add interest.  Also anything with lots of color and texture photographs well.  I usually ask that you don't wear white as it does not photograph well outdoors. 

Some clothing suggestions are Aeropostale, Gap, JcPenny and Abercombie.  Let me know if you need any more help.

Newborn Sessions

Sometime newborn sessions can be tricky. I can take a half hour to even get the first shot!  Because I like my babies nice and sleepy when they come I suggest feeding and changing your baby right before your session.  That way they are ready to go right when you get to your session. Since I do most shots in the nude, I find it more convenient to have your little one come in a sleeper only (no onsie underneath).  That way when you undress him/her they won't wake up from the onsie being pulled over their head. :)  

Please bring a Binky!! Newborns often can be calmed down with just sucking on something.  Trust me, it will make it easier on both of us! :) 

Bring lots of diapers and wipes. :)  If you are not nursing, bring a bottle and extra formula. 

If you have anything that you want to bring to showcase in the pictures please bring it! I love when parents bring personal things!

Where to Print & Why

I have lots of people ask me where to print their pictures.  I also have people ask why I suggest printing on line instead of at Sam's Club or Walmart.   Well, there are lots of reasons. A big one is that a client takes those great images and then buys the cheapest prints he/she can find online or in town…and those great photos don't look so great. The terrible prints become a reflection of the photographer. I struggled giving clients digital copies. I wanted them to have the images, but I did not want them to get terrible prints…which would reflect on my work as a photographer.  I highly suggest print though Mpix.  Mpix is a professional quality lab that prints great prints and  has affordable prices.

There are so many options!  You can just go wild!!  Take advantage of these great pieces and incredible quality!  Some of my favorites are the canvas wraps, postcards, and prints! 

Print Size:  The bigger the better!! Treat your pictures like a piece of art!!  I print most of my pictures 16X24 or larger!  An 8x10 is so small and will hardly make a statement.  Next time you print consider a bigger picture or even a canvas.  You will wonder why you never printed bigger before!


You can pay me after your shoot or when you come to pick up your CD.  I except cash or check.  For weddings I except cash, check or paypal.